Hi, I'm Mikki Helmer and I'm a potter, an author, and a horse rider. Night Craft Co. came to exist after an unfortnate series of events during the start of the covid pandemic left me grieving and jobless. So I became a potter and started throwing pottery 18 hours a day in my mom's studio and learned in a few months what most ceramic artists take years to master.

I like wearing black & throwing pots.

I came to pottery after a horrible start to 2020 that left me jobless and grieving all in the same week. My mom opened her studio to me and I wanted nothing to do with her "strange mud art". Anyway, now I run an entire shop and help manage a studio.

I work out of my family's studio, Hobble Creek Pottery, along with my mother, Tiffinie Helmer, and my sister Tess Reid (The Naptime Potter). I typically take the night shift, hence the name "Night Craft Co."

I specialize in wheel throwing quirky and fun designs for everyday household items. Now and again I make some sculptural pieces, but you're more likely to see something based in fandom from these hands that's meant for daily use with a touch of campy humor.