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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Monday, January 3, 2022


Updated Shop Policies


  • Should an item be purchased from Night Craft Co. and require shipping, it will be shipped within 5 business days of receipt of payment or upon receipt of payment. This means when Etsy deposits the funds into the business’s account to pay for shipping is when the 5 days begins. Additionally, Night Craft Co. is only able to ship one day a week and will wait to ship all orders placed in a 7 day period on that day. This day varies. This is a small business run by a little artist. Please do not expect Big Box rates or speeds. Any requests for two-day shipping may be entertained, but might not ultimately be possible.

  • Packaging: pots will be packaged according to standard ceramic packaging methods to keep the pot from being damaged during shipping. These are tried and true tested methods by Night Craft Co. and other pottery shops that ship. If a pot arrives broken, it will be the responsibility of the shipping company to reimburse the cost of the item. This can take several weeks to multiple months for a shipping company to 1) investigate any breakage 2) provide a reimbursement to be then passed to the customer. No shipping breakage/mishandling claim will be made without ample photographic evidence delivered to the shop within 24 hours of receipt of the damaged item. Typically 2-3 photos is enough for the shipping company.

  • RETURNS/REFUNDS: No refunds, exchanges, etc. As previously stated this is a small business. Once a purchase is made, a refund will only be issued if a purchase cannot be shipped. Once a purchase is shipped, Night Craft Co. considers the transaction closed as the item is no longer in our hands. Any breakages will be the responsibility of the shipping service. 

  • Refused Deliveries: If a package is returned to the studio as undeliverable, regardless of shipping paid, the product will be automatically refunded less the cost of shipping. This means that if you were not charged for shipping, the shop still paid for shipping and will recoup that cost in the refund. We will not ship a package a second time unless shipping is paid for in advance of the second attempt along with an address correction. We will not accept the same, undeliverable address twice. There will be no third delivery attempt. 

  • Pick Up Orders: Picking up an order from the studio is a great idea! It saves both of us time. If our schedules don’t align to meet up then you may request the item be shipped by paying for additional shipping. Additionally, this means the order may not be completed for several days to weeks. Please plan accordingly. 

  • Custom Orders: Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to meet custom demands within a price point that is usually acceptable to ceramic art enthusiasts. This is because getting a color, size, shape, etc. to meet satisfaction can be very expensive. For this reason, Night Craft Co. no longer offers custom requests.

  • Discounts: Night Craft Co. is a small shop and is not able to provide discounts outside of biannual sales or seconds sales. All prices are final. 

  • Seconds Sales: Night Craft Co. sometimes will mark a useable but somehow flawed piece as a “second”. This means it may have a chip in the base/foot or was on a shelf next to another pot that “spat glaze” during the glaze fire, marring the coloration. These pots are perfectly useable and are sold at a slightly discounted rate. No additional discounts will be given. 

  • Note on inflation: As prices rise across the world so do costs. Ingredients for ceramics for specific colors, clays, etc. are sometimes scarce or even more costly than the price of gold. This has caused prices to rise. Please consider that these pieces are handmade, each given hours of care in its making from locally sourced (sometimes locally mined) materials and tools. Thank you again for supporting the arts during these complicated times. 

  • International Shipping: We currently do not ship across borders due to too many refused items at the borders. If you have a stateside address, we will gladly ship there.

  • Wholesale Requests: If you would like to stock Night Craft Co. pottery in your cafe or boutique please reach out. Because we are a small shop we are not able to provide a wholesale discount.

  • Donations: Night Craft Co. provides donation pots on request depending on product availability and charitable cause. Please inquire further via the contact me form.

Pottery Care Instructions

  • Pottery Care and Instructions:  Your pottery is a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art that is food safe*, microwave safe, dishwasher safe**, and even oven safe! For oven use, please make sure to preheat the pottery inside the oven as the oven heats. Additionally, allow the pottery to cool to room temperature before washing. This prevents heat stress which may, in stoneware, cause fractures. Pottery is a slow and steady kind of heat situation. **If your pot has been lustered it is a hand-wash-only item. You don’t want that beautiful luster to be scrubbed off, do you?  *Night Craft Co. uses food-safe glazes. *

  • Any injury you sustain from a broken pot no longer in the shop’s possession is the responsibility of the purchaser. Please be careful if you do break anything (we understand accidents happen) pottery shards are glass-sharp. If you broke a piece and would like to purchase a replacement please reach out via the contact me form

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